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LENGTH: 50-minutes, plus a 10-minute question period

Community and school versions are also available in 90-minute with intermission or 50-minute presentations (with ten-minute question period in schools)

*a Zariwalla is an embroiderer of gold and silver threads.

SPECIAL CURRICULUM APPLICATIONS: Acting, story-telling, pantomime, role-playing, vocal techniques with movement, physical awareness, political and social studies, ritual traditions, rhythm and music, social commentary

ZARIWALLAS’ THREADS: Created as a world premiere for the prestigious 34.Medunarodni Djecji Festival [International Children’s Festival], Sibenik, Croatia, ZARIWALLAS’ THREADS, Embroidered Tales from India, is based on the theme of friendship and played, not just to civilians, but to refugees as well. With lively action, gorgeous costuming, energetic characterizations which have become a trademark of Sun.Ergos, a bright little mouse, the Sun, the Wind, the Cloud, the Mountain, a zariwalla [a gold and silver embroiderer], the Lion, the Camel, the Fox, Crow and Leopard, kings and dyers, cats and sparrows and rabbits bound off the stage into the audience’s hearts and, sometimes, literally into their laps! This performance rings with a joy that produces laughter and glee.
Stanko Feric, VERCERNJI LIST 21.I.22.VI.1994, Croatia

""My overall impression - I thought it was BEYOND! The costumes were as stupendous as were the actors! Loved the vocal changes, the meanings of the stories and how the characters were depicted. Captivating, thought provoking and a message inherent in each story that will resonated with the all of us over the years... Performances like yours stick with people. They aren't entertainment that feeds the ego and stupidity of society but give kids and adults an opportunity to think, feel and grow."
Andrea Lawrence, Colchester, Vermont

"Terrific! Great use of humor. Love the music. Great use of body language. Exceptional. You make us reflect on the nature of friendship."
Constance Cook, Lexington, Massachusetts