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AUDIENCE: Festival, Community, College and University
LENGTH: One-hour, no intermission

TREE WHISPERS is simply a show about the lack of communication in our modern society, about the isolation that keeps us apart, alone. It is a deeply felt and penetrating look at the barriers and frustrations that make contemporary life an often frightening and sometimes terrifying emptiness, shot through with piercingly brilliant moments of love, laughter and scorching light. In lush, green hues, images of trees flicker like the rustle of their own leaves in back of the gently swaying motions of the dancer or the thunder-like pounding of his feet, while the actor's words wonder at the very things that matter most in people's lives.

"SUN.ERGOS has built up in recent years an established international reputation for its highly innovative, tightly-disciplined, and singularly distinctive repertoire of dance and dramatic creations…A beautiful intensity pervades this whole performance, rendering it an unforgettable experience."
The Stage and Television Today, London