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LENGTH: 120-Minutes plus a 15-minute Intermission

Festival and school versions are also available in one-hour and 50-minute presentations (with 10-minute question period in schools)

SLOW DANCE FOR A FAT MAN: In process for five years, Robert Greenwood has created a script based on the international travels of Sun.Ergos which reveals with satire, humour, pathos and incisive wit some of the social, political, economic and purely human situations which are defining our contemporary world.

A modern, contemporary, morality play, an EVERYMAN with a twist, Slow Dance for a Fat Man, provokes controversy, challenges complacency and does all this with an enormous heart and riveting compassion that makes us all laugh at our own frailties, inactions and ideals.

This is a production which touches each and every audience member personally and purposefully.

"Stunning, confounding, motivating?the characters – people?I reacted very strongly to some?words are so difficult?movement is?IS?and just as clear. Thank you!!!"
Christopher Fietz, Calgary