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2 hours, plus 15-minute Intermission

Festival and University Production is also available (with or without intermission and/or discussion period after performance).

OEDIPUS THE KING is a two-man experiment by Robert Greenwood and Dana Luebke to present this 20-character play in a vivid, fresh translation by Stephen Berg and Diskin Clay.

Done in a stark black and white setting with minimal props, stunning costumes and masks, these two artists re-create Greek theatre with all the passion and conviction of the religious ritual and fervour of 427, B.C.

The simple and powerful mystery of Oedipus, King of Thebes, unfolds, exposing the gods manipulation of his life, bit by bit, oracle by oracle, fact by fact, until in the blindness of his own making, he sees the reality of his life, the murder of his father, the marriage to his own mother, his incest and the curse that will rule the lives of his children. The ritual, the dialogue, the imagery build with relentless speed to the inevitable tragedy that makes this play one of the greatest classics of all time.

“Sun.Ergos…two-man Oedipus the King, an experimental production of Sophocles play…remains an immortal work of literature…Robert Greenwood and Dana Luebke have [taken] it back to its…origins…Their interpretation restores the masks, returns the action to stylized movement…flowing costumes…elaborate headdress[es]…in what proves to be the terrible triumph of [inevitable] fate…The overall result…mesmerizing.”
The Calgary Herald