One hour, 15-minutes, no intermission

Festival and School versions also available in one-hour and 50-minute presentation (with 10-minute question period in schools)

JUST DANCE: As The Calgary Herald said, “Departing from SUN.ERGOS’ usual format, this production separates the dance and theatre elements, presenting (as the title suggests) just dance. But one cannot describe what Dana Luebke does in one and a half hours of weaving magic as ‘just’ anything; that might imply there’s something missing [--and] there isn’t. Without fantastic sets or sleight-of-hand, live orchestra or lovely ballerinas, right up close, the slender dancer[excites and profoundly] moves us.” Using themes from nature, disabilities, war, lullabies, folk-dances, newspaper articles, Mr. Luebke creates the widest possible spectrum of dance forms and styles. The performance is a tour-de-force."