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LENGTH: 45-minutes, 10-minute question period

Festival version is also available in 60-minute presentation

SPECIAL CURRICULUM APPLICATIONS: Chinese legends, language arts, comparative studies, story-telling, stylized movement, character-development, social studies, history, multi-media presentations. Celebrate Canadian author Julie Lawson and Chinese heritage in Canada

PEARL RAIN, DEEP THUNDER: Inspired by the Chinese mythology that Julie Lawson and Laurence Yep celebrate in their stories, THE DRAGON’S PEARL and THE JUNIOR THUNDER LORD, Robert Greenwood and Dana Luebke were commissioned by KALEIDOSCOPE 6, A Celebration of Literature for Children and Young Adults, sponsored by The Learning Resources Council of Alberta Teachers’ Association, to develop performances of these spell-binding tales.

Enhanced by their own love of Chinese cultures, Bob and Dana researched the project for over a year, seeking fabrics, textures, story-telling and theatrical techniques which would maintain the charm and energy of the characters and situations and, at the same time, become a further investigation and interpretation of the stories themselves.

Using intricate and elaborate masks and costuming in distinct styles to maintain the unique nature of the two stories, Bob and Dana have designed a simplified setting, combined a musical score and movement style to capture the vitality and spirit of the stories to create a unified whole.

Both stories are based on the earth’s need for rain and human beings’ need for sufficiency, compassion and experiences which bring about transformation in our lives and are tied together by these shared understandings and wisdom which are part of our imagination’s legacy.

“Every thing went together, the music, the words, the rhythm of your speaking was wonderful!”
Colleen Athparia, International Concert Pianist, Calgary, Alberta