LENGTH: 50-minutes plus 10-minute question period

SPECIAL CURRICULUM APPLICATIONS: Native Peoples’ heritage and culture of Alberta, legends, story-telling, mask-making, role-playing, movement, social studies, language arts

Festival and family audience version is also available in one-hour or 90-minute presentation (with 15-minute intermission for family audiences)

LEGENDS, STORIES FROM THE BUFFALO HUNTERS: Laugh at the arguments of Old Man and Old Woman as they create Mankind. Fly with the Winds as they battle over the Land of the Blackfoot. Watch the wiley ways of Wesuketchuk and Mukaysees as they try to out-trick each other for a feast of ducks and geese. Learn, how, by working together, we can achieve a goal in Frances Fraser’s delightful re-telling of THE BEAR WHO STOLE THE CHINOOK. All the stories come from Alberta -- a real gift to the world of enchantment and wisdom. Masks, headdresses, coup sticks, props and expressive movement and voices recreate these legends of the Native People with vivid imagination and enthusiasm.

“Very good! It fit well with the curriculum and was a terrific introduction to our legends unit. Excellent use of voice modulation to hold attention. The costumes were beautiful and added an element conducive to the development of *imagination* and the sense of wonder.”
Teacher, CLARENCE JAYCOX SCHOOL, Loon Lake, Alberta

"This performance fit very well into the cirriculum. The students liked it. They reflected on its combination of seriousness and play. They had read two of the legends and enjoyed the dramatic take on each of them. I was impressed with the approachability of Mr. Greenwood and Mr. Luebke and their interest in our school (taking photos of our art and enjoying our Peace Garden prior to the show). I would like to see any of their works because the themes of respect, compassion and living together without prejudice are greatly needed in our world."

Teacher, STEWART HAWKE SCHOOL, Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan

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