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LENGTH: 50-minutes with 10-minute question period.

Festival and general audience versions are also available in one-hour and 90-minute presentations (general auidence versions can combine Coyote's World with The Banyan Tree to become Banyan and Buffalo - this requires a 15-minute intermission).

SPECIAL CURRICULUM APPLICATIONS: Native studies and folklore, story-telling, pantomime, role-playing, physical awareness, multi-culturalism, social studies, history, anthropology

COYOTE’S WORLD: Imagine a world before our’s, a world rich in folklore, creatures who could transform themselves, simple ideas about living close to the earth [from the perspective of a coyote or a buffalo or a soaring eagle], then you would have an idea what this show is like!

Watch Coyote's curiosity get the better of him and accidentally make Winter happen! Enjoy the hilarity of Coyote messing up Man-Maker's creation! Travel with Jumping Mouse through adversities and discover that the gift of giving helps us to transcend all obstacles and soar into the sky, seeing the World through the eyes of another. Coyote's World is a poetic and mystical adventure into the heart and soul of North American Indian legends that will resonate in the minds and feelings of its audiences.

“Strong feelings of sadness and happiness are experienced in stories such as…
THE BUFFALO GO and my personal favourite MAN-MAKER AND COYOTE.”
Sunday International, Calgary, Alberta

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