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LENGTH: 60-minutes plus question period.

Immigrant heritage and culture, folklore, story-telling, mask-making, roleplaying, movement, social studies, language arts.

CLEVER CHERRIES: A foolish cherry who doesn't want to get picked, Samurai Cats who attempt to rid a Daimyo's palace of a vicious Rat, a greedy Wife who cuts the tongue of her husband's pet Sparrow for eating her starch, the tender story of an affectionate Son who cannot leave his Father in the mountains to die – these stories from Japan offer hilarious and moving insights into human nature, our need for respecting elders and how bullying, meanspiritedness and greed defeat themselves.

With exquisite silk costumes, evocative masks and props based on Kabuki, Noh and Kyogen theatre styles, these remarkable stories, hundreds of years old, come to life in a completely modern way.

"EXQUISITE, GORGEOUS" Basia Puzskar, London, UK

"Best of the best! The beautiful energy and masks and clear characters make the performance understandable to even the youngest..." Dubrovko Jelacic Buzimski, Director for Croatian National Television

"The quality and love woven into the masks and costumes is absolutely visible and almost palpable. Created to teach and educate, to dignify human values, this show was excellently perceived by the children." Ljubica Suturovic and Arsen Cosic Teachers, Puppeteers, Cultural Presenters, Subotica, Serbia