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LENGTH: 50-minutes plus 10-minute question period

SPECIAL CURRICULUM APPLICATIONS: Multi-cultural heritage, audience-participation, poetry, music, mask-making, dance, language arts, traditions, social studies

Festival and family audience version is also available in one-hour and 90-minute presentation (with 15-minute intermission for family audiences)

A CHRISTMAS GIFT: The Christmas Season is a time for remembering, for excitement, for gleeful feelings, and A CHRISTMAS GIFT is just that. This multi-cultural look at the traditions and stories that have a warmed the hearts of generations for hundreds of years, comes to you with garlands of holly, glittering lights, richly-colored costumes, lively dances and charming characters and will win the hearts of young and old alike. A dancing horse with jingle bells, a chimney sweep, Old Befana -- who can never find the Baby King -- a trepak danced by the only Rat found in Alberta, leaping over his tail, a carol -- danced -- by everyone -- all add their sparkle to this Season of Joy!

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“You had a captive audience!”
Principal, ALEX MUNRO SCHOOL, Calgary, Alberta

“You’ve started a tradition!”
Theatre Director, HORIZON STAGE, Spruce Grove, Alberta

“It’s very hard not to laugh when Mr. Greenwood is laughing.”
Jenny Murphy, Calgary, Alberta