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FOR GRADES 1 - 6, 4 - 9

LENGTH: 50-minutes plus 10-minute Question Period

SPECIAL CURRICULUM APPLICATIONS: Folklore, story-telling, mask-work, pantomime, role-playing, physical awareness, multi-culturalism, social studies, music, language arts

Festival and general audience version is also available in one-hour or 90-minute presentation 9with 15-minute intermission for general audiences).

BANYAN AND BUFFALO is a comparison of legends and folk-tales from the cultures of Southeast Asia with those of North American Indians. Using wonderful textures, brightly colored sarongs, handsome tapestries, exotic music from culture much older than those of the West, Robert Greenwood and Dana Luebke re-create stories of grunting Thai boatmen, Kings, potbellied Vietnamese usurers, Balinese simpletons, wise Ghost Chiefs, coyotes, eagles, jealous medicine men, giants and mosquitoes -- all characters that illuminate the human spirit and who are relevant to our own society today. The show provides laughter and wisdom in equal dollops of good humour and touching, thought-provoking moments.

"This colourful and charming show of stories, legends and dances [is] an entertainment for the whole family?hilarious [and] priceless."

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