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LENGTH: 1 hour 15-Minutes, no intermission

Festival and School versions also available in 60-minute presentation (question period in schools, colleges and universities is optional)

SHAKESPEARE: Relish an unconventional look at one of the World’s greatest playwrights. This sparse, yet illuminating performance by one of Canada’s most independent-minded, classically-trained and innovative performing artists is a memorable and vivid experience for both the lovers and haters of Shakespeare.

Robert Greenwood’s one-man depiction of the ideas, quirks, wit and humours of some of Shakespeare’s greatest and humblest characters, from Hamlet to the Porter in Macbeth, from the tragic to the comic, from wry wisdom to foolishness is a fascinating exploration of the human spirit that will capture young and old alike.

“A production meant to bring Shakespeare back to the audience, it shows that Shakespeare is understandable and relevant to a modern audience. The emotion, the fear and the humour of Shakespeare’s characters shine through in this one-man show that tests the flexibility of the actor. Using nothing but the essential props, the genius of Shakespeare is once more made evident…an excellent overview of the playwright’s work, one that adds a dimension that can’t help but awaken a love of Shakespeare…an innovative approach that is well worth seeing.”
THE GAUNTLET, Calgary, Alberta

Two Testimonials about this production (click the image to download the PDF)