TITLE OF SHOW: A Memory of Two Moons

LENGTH OF SHOW: 60-minutes

INTERMISSION none required

THEME [describe in one sentence]: A personal statement and investigation into feelings about death and dying.

CONTENT [brief description]: Using skills of theatre and dance, Robert Greenwood [actor] and Dana Luebke [dancer] sought ways of explaining grief and some of the mystery of death and dying as a memorial to Bob’s father and Dana’s Grandmother, both of whom died within one year of each other. One piece, STROKE, has become a major signature piece of Sun.Ergos and has been proclaimed a “masterpiece of almost unbearable sensitivity”. It becomes the taking-off point for A MEMORY OF TWO MOONS. Is the character already dead or is he dying? What are the feelings of one who is dying? Using classical and original works, the two artists build a collage of emotions. From Shakespeare to Gogol, from poetry to flat, hard, clinical observa- tion, from a shrouded, masked danse macabre to movement accompanied only by the pulsing of the dancer’s feet, Bob and Dana create a fresh way of looking at familiar, but unknown experiences.

GOAL [the purpose of this show]: To let the audience know that we all experience death and dying in ways that are truly accessible and that no one of us is completely alone; that there is always someone who has gone before.

POINT OF VIEW OF ARTISTS: The death of close relatives made the show necessary to Bob and Dana. They had to explore what happens to us just before, during and after death. The show is by no means an answer to all the puzzling questions that arise, but it is a requiem to two very loved people who made both their lives poss

CLASSIFICATION [i.e.: ADULT, FESTIVAL, FAMILY, YOUNG AUDIENCE]: Festival and Adult, parental guidance is suggested.

PRESENTATION [skills used to present show]: The stage is set with black surrounds and black dance floor; an 8’ x 10’ projection screen in the up-stage right corner, filled with the movement of images of natural colours and shapes, over-laid with projections of brightly coloured, paper collages designed by Glenys Cour of Swansea, Wales; down stage-left, a 12’ square has been marked on the floor in white, 2”-tape; two white chairs and a piece of white silk are the only props. Noted for minimal theatrics and setting, Sun.Ergos has created a sparse and clear atmosphere. The dances are contemporary and modern, which are, in turn, stark and simple, angular and concentrated, lush and organic. The theatre pieces are wistful, remembrances – memory pieces and wishes unfulfilled, ending with the great, lyric poem by Dylan Thomas, "Fern Hill," and a gorgeous dance to a Mozart aria.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Festival and Adult audiences, PG-13. This is a show for those who want a challenge, who want to dare, who want to feel and think, who are willing to deal with feelings we often avoid, to deal with their own vulnerability, who want more out of theatre and dance than just amusement or entertainment. It is a powerful and poignant show that is a further testimony to Bob and Dana’s concern to spread human understanding and compassion.

CAST: Robert Greenwood (actor) and [Mr.] Dana Luebke (dancer-actor)


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WHERE SHOW HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY PERFORMED OR WORLD PREMIERE, ETC.: A MEMORY OF TWO MOONS premiered in Edinburgh at the prestigious EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FRINGE and the SWANSEA FESTIVAL FRINGE. It toured for the MID-PENNINE ARTS ASSOCIATION in England and has subsequently been seen in Calgary, in Winnipeg at The Gas Station Theatre and at TSVATA, Tel Aviv, at Kibbutz Malkia, at the Haifa Museum, Haifa, and at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel.


  • Rina Bloomenthall, Kibbutz Yiftach, Israel

  • Dr. Tom Lewy, Chairman, Department of Theatre, UNIVERSITY OF TEL AVIV, Israel

  • Rina Shapira, Events Director, HAIFA MUSEUM, Haifa, Israel

  • Michael Goldstein, Cultural Events Department, THE ISRAEL MUSEUM, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Anne Whitfield, Director, MID-PENNINE ARTS ASSOCIATION, Burnley, England

incredible, powerful, convincing, non-sentimentalized, quality, professional, startling, original, contemporary, poignant, skilled, remarkable, relentless, masterpiece, memorable

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