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AUDIENCE: Festival, High School, Community, College and University
LENGTH: One-hour, no intermission
(In schools, ten-minute discussion period is added)

HIBAKUSHA TWILIGHT [pronounced hee-bah-koo-shah] is an emotionally uncompromising exploration of our world during and since Hiroshima-Nagasaki. It is a challenging and a moving experience for any audience, genuinely making them think and feel. Taking the point of view that we are all survivors [hibakusha specifically means survivors of Hiroshima-Nagasaki], the production has been acclaimed at three international festivals and is a multi-layered, hitting deep at the heart of what happens to those who make the bombs, those who are bombed, those who do the bombing, those who stand by and those who look the other way. The actor presents the attitudes of over thirty different characters while the dancer's movements contrast the feelings of the victims with hope for the earth, "…bringing together their complimentary talents in an extraordinary combination of power and subtlety." The Daily Telegraph, London

(The discussion period with the artists after performances has allowed for lively debate and exchange of ideas.) "…all the mood swings were real…I know for some people, you touched hearts. I know you touched mine."
Native Student, Community Vocation Centre, Slave Lake, Alberta

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