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LENGTH: 90-Minutes plus 15-minute intermission

Festival or school version, also available in one-hour or 50-minute presentation (with 10-minute question period in schools)

TWININGS, STORIES AND DANCES FROM THE THIRD WORLD, explore man’s sense of wit, humour and wisdom as SUN.ERGOS celebrates the variety and unity of traditional tales and dances from around the world. SUN.ERGOS weaves fables, dance and myths from Asia, North and South America and Europe, Africa and Australia into an entertainment for all ages.

Enjoy the hilarity of the Spider discovering he may not be as wise as he thinks he is! Watch the Jackal get his just deserts from the Camel! How does the little Calf outwit the hungry Tiger? You’ll find out. And, did you ever hear of a Cave that could talk? These artists from the Foothills of Western Canada have won accolades from critics at the Edinburgh, Swansea, Edmonton, Vancouver and Dance in Canada Festivals for their remarkable multi-cultural productions of theatre and dance.

“TWININGS…professionally done and renewed fond memories of childhood stories…The two performers combine music and dance with fables that go back thousands of year…[bringing] animal characters to life.”
The Emery Weal, Calgary, Alberta