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LENGTH:100-Minutes, 15-Minute Intermission

School version is also available in 50-minute presentation with 10-minute question period.

FjORDfIRE&ICE: For nearly five years, Bob and Dana had a Viking show in mind. The world premiere in 1995 bears witness to extensive research and creative excellence. Re-creating props, costumes, set pieces, swords, helmets and the like from actual historical artifacts and archeological digs, they have built a show around the poetic and prose edda of the Vikings from Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

They explore both the mythology and the legends of the gods, heroes, dwarves and demons of this northern culture of Europe that flourished for over 300 years and is still with us today. Giants, the World Serpent, Thor, Odin, Loki - the trickster, all come to life in a vivid and fascinating depiction of the Vikings! Humour, mystery, trickery and the final battle of the gods is handled with skill and obvious delight. See how Loki’s lips are sewn up by Brokk the Dwarf and how Thor gets his hammer, Crusher, back from the Giant Thrym disguised as a ‘bride’!

“Sun.Ergos is an amazing duo. Bob Greenwood and Dana Luebke have seemingly boundless and varied talents in the fields of ORIGINAL drama, dance and song -- and in the making of friends. Whether they are presenting an entirely new programme or repeating certain favorite items of past years, I am always enthralled. They are always obviously delighting in performing for their audiences of FRIENDS of all ages. For over a dozen years, I have been an eager, admiring member of their audiences, and I delight in introducing others to the cultural presentations of Sun.Ergos”
Miss Dorothy Hawley, retired Calgary Senior High School Teacher of French