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Cloud Stones

GENERAL AUDIENCES, Mature subjects [PG-13]
LENGTH: 80-Minutes, No Intermission

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: Environmental studies, language arts, poetry, character analysis, contemporary dance, mask-work, social issues, multi-media presentations, original music

CLOUD STONES is a dance/theatre collage created in honour of the environment. As the title suggests, it establishes links between land and sky, earth and heaven. A profoundly moving and evocative production, Cloud Stones alternates between graphic descriptions of clouds, character sketches which embody the attitudes and experiences that cloud or inspire our vision of the world and dances that challenge the audience to forget any preconceived ideas of what dance should look like and let the feelings that the movements provoke wash over them. It is a stimulating, inspired look at the realities of our physical environment, our reactions and responsibilities to it and our helplessness in the face of natural forces that control and influence our everyday lives.

"CLOUD STONES--offers poetry with meat on it and dance that is often pared to the bare bones of movement--[it] is intense--technically sure and creatively innovative--striking and effective in tying together movement, monologue and sound."
The Calgary Herald

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