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A Christmas Gift

LENGTH: 90-Minutes, plus 15-minute Intermission

Festival and School versions also available in one hour or 50-minute presentation (with 10-minute question period in schools)

A CHRISTMAS GIFT: The Christmas Season is a time for remembering, for excitement, for gleeful feelings, and A Christmas Gift is just that. This multi-cultural look at the traditions and stories that have a warmed the hearts of generations for hundreds of years, comes to you with garlands of holly, glittering lights, richly coloured costumes, gorgeous masks, lively dances and charming characters and will win the hearts of young and old alike. Snowflakes, poems, songs, a dancing horse with jingle bells, a chimney sweep, a stork, three Kings as you’ve never thought of them before, Old Befana -- who can never find the Baby King -- a trepak danced by the only Rat found in Alberta, leaping over his tail, a carol -- danced -- by everyone -- all add their sparkle to this Season of Joy!

"You had a captive audience!"
Principal, ALEX MUNRO SCHOOL, Calgary, Alberta

"You’ve started a tradition!"
Theatre Director, HORIZON STAGE, Spruce Grove, Alberta

"It’s very hard not to laugh when Mr. Greenwood is laughing.
Jenny Murphy, Calgary, Alberta