SUN.ERGOS, A COMPANY OF THEATRE AND DANCE, tailor-makes an in-school work-week with your staff prior to coming to your school. We help you to establish goals for the residencies, and you get to chose the types of activities best suited to your students needs. You plan the schedule, the events and the applications with the artists before the residency takes place. You do not buy a set package.

The artists of SUN.ERGOS, Robert Greenwood [actor] and Dana Luebke [dancer], offer a combined, practical, professional experience of over eighty years in theatre and dance and a combined teaching experience at all levels of training from ECS through university of over forty years. Trained in Europe, Canada and the United States, this actor and dancer work with you to enrich and enhance your Fine Arts Programming right in your own venues.

A CREATIVE, IN-SCHOOL WORK WEEK" for the students and "PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT" for instructors.

APPLICATIONS: In acting, dance, music for dance and theatre, composition, technical production skills, designing costumes and sets, making costumes, making masks, voice/vocal skills, listening skills, poetry, scripts, emotional training, textural/fabric/ colour exercises, mime, literature, language arts, visual/sculptural arts, movement, choreography, make-up, directing in the schools -- you choose!

WHERE: Right in your own environments: class rooms, theatre, experimental space, auditorium, work rooms, community halls, studios.

WHEN: Scheduling of a two to five-day period is mutually agreed upon between the artists and the school one year in advance.

WHY: To stimulate interest, to excite imagination, to promote and develop personal growth, to raise awareness and the level of skills in the performing arts and relate them to real life, to responsible social interaction, to the development of co-operative abilities and talents and to other art forms.

HOW: In workshops, master classes and seminars; through actual exercises, practical session of on-hands experience, lectures, coaching sessions, lecture-demonstrations, shared sessions for both students and instructors, together and/or separately.

THE GOAL: To establish a time and place where the students and instructors can witness their work, their understanding of the work that has been achieved to each other and to their support groups. This could be in the form of displays, small scenes, short dances, exhibitions of design ideas, etc. We do not recommend a "production," although coaching is available for productions-in-progress.

RATIONALE: A one-week period is sufficient for students majoring in theatre and dance to truly understand that these arts are not frivolous, not a fringe on the society, but the heart of the society, that they require patience, long years of training and careful development of sensitivities and skills which last a life-time and that they are a joy, a celebration of all that is human.

And, one week is long enough to do creative, disciplined coaching sessions either spearately or directly related to on-going production work within Fine Arts Programming at the college and university levels.

Longer periods of time are also available during which entire productions may be mounted for internal or public attendance.

ALL OUR FEE ARE NEGOTIABLE. They usually cover travel, accommodation and the workshop/residency costs. We can provide you with programme infor-mation, press kits, photos, promotional materials, marketing sheets and posters for you to over-print with your own information. Whatever your needs OR your budget, we will work with you to insure that your residency is successful, educationally, artistically and financially. We also work with all recognized national, provincial, municipal and cultural arts organizations, unions and councils.

For more information, bookings and/or individual show-sheets or brochures on the artists and the company, WRITE OR CALL