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AUDIENCES: Festival, Community, College and University
LENGTH: One-hour, no intermission

A MEMORY OF TWO MOONS: This striking collage of theatre and dance revolves around the ideas of what may happen to us just before, during and after death. A non-sentimentalized view, the stark imagery of words and movement culminates in a thankful release of life, death and memory. Created as a response to the deaths of two very close relatives of both artists within a year of each other, A Memory of Two Moons is a haunting, poetic look at the feelings of the dying, those left behind and those who have gone before through the words and music of classical writers and composers, combined with startlingly original, contemporary works.

"Greenwood's powerful and poignant STROKE is most memorable. Standing motionless, and relentlessly being wrapped from tip to toe in the swathing-bands of paralytic death, the patient tells of his terrible malady, of how his wife put him away in a home, of how he desperately missed her. It is a minor masterpiece of almost unbearable sensitivity, and it is further testimony to this company's concern to spread understanding."
The Stage and Television Today, London