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Shows by Topic

Multicultural/Family Productions

A CHRISTMAS GIFT, Seasonal Favorite of international stories, songs and dances

BANYAN AND BUFFALO, Southeast Asian and North American Indian stories

THE BANYAN TREE, Southeast Asian stories, music and dance

CLEVER CHERRIES, Japanese folktales honoring elders and exploring greed and bullying

FACETS: A JOURNEY OF REFLECTIONS, Classic, multicultural & original works for Teens

PEARL RAIN, DEEP THUNDER, Beautifully-masked Chinese folktales

RAINBOW CIRCUS, International pieces of theatre and dance in a circus-like format

SNOWWIND, A multicultural celebration of the Winter season


ZARIWALLAS' THREADS, Stories from India on the theme of friendship

Bilingual [French-English]

FABLES BY JEAN DE LAFONTAINE, Bilingual fables about our human foibles

Classical Material

OEDIPUS THE KING, BY SOPHOCLES, The famous Greek tragedy by two men

SHAKESPEARE, A one-man show of 22 characters from 17 scripts

Dance Concerts

JUST DANCE, A concert of 12 dances inspired by images in our society

SOARING LIKE AN EAGLE, A dance-concert, mask-study of shamanistic imagery

Environmental Ideas

CLOUD STONES, A personal exploration of our physical, emotional world

HIBAKUSHA TWILIGHT, A study of all of us being survivors of Hiroshima-Nagasaki

Historical Material

CHAUTAUQUA, A look at the content of the old chautauqua festivals

CHILDREN'S CHAUTAUQUA!, A presentation for children to witness our past before TV

FjORDfIRE&ICE, Legends and myths from the Vikings

NEWSCLIPPINGS, Theatre and dance pieces inspired by the printed media

Indigenous Material

BIRDS OF STONE, Ancient and modern Mayan myths, legends and stories

COYOTE'S WORLD, A humorous study of some tricksters in Native legends


MOCCASIN TRACKS, A journey of the Native spirit

THE PIPE AND THE BLANKET, A look at the emotional world of North American Natives

Social Commentary

A DAY OF THE MOONS, A combination of contemporary and classic social commentary

A MEMORY OF TWO MOONS, An emotional, personal celebration of dying

DIALOGUES FOR A DEAD DAY, An understanding of disabilities

DOORS AND CORRIDORS, The corridors we travel and the doors we open and close

PORTRAITS: FOOLS AND MADMEN, A human gallery of portraits, characters and dances

SEEKERS, Those characters who seek meanings in the absurdity of life

SLOW DANCE FOR A FAT MAN, An original, contemporary morality play

SMALL WHITE POEMS, A witnessing of ideas of good and evil

TREE WHISPERS, A presentation of refracted, reflected communication in our society

WATERMARKS, The stains left on our lives by the experiences we all have