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Founded: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, August 24, 1977, at DICA

Registered: Non-profit, Alberta Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Society Act, January, 1978, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    1977: first classes taught in Acting and Dance

    1978: provincial debut at University of Calgary, University Theatre

    1978: national debut at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver

    1979: formed group of six performers

    1980: world debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh

    1981: became two-man company; tour to Belgium

    1982: tour to Sweden

    1981-85: performances at Fringes in Edinburgh, Swansea, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver

    1986: tour of Scotland, England and Wales

    1987: expanded office space, tours in North America

    1988: tours in Canada

    1989: tour to Singapore

    1990: tours to Singapore and Indonesia

    1990: tour to Holland

    1990: tour to Israel

    1991: tour to Poland

    1991: tour to Hong Kong

    1991-95: six tours to Croatia

    1992: tours to Austria and to Czechoslovakia

    1993: tour to Slovakia

    1996-97: tours in Canada and United States

    1998: tours to Austria and Croatia

    1999: tours in North America; moved offices from Calgary to Priddis

    2000: tours in Canada, USA and Hawaii

    2001: tours in Canada, USA

    2002: tours in Canada, USA

    2003: tours in Canada, USA

    2004: tours in Canada, USA, Croatia

    2005: tours in Canada, USA

    2006: tours in USA, Canada

    2007: tours in Canada, USA, Hawaii, Mexico

    2008: tours in Canada, USA, UK

    2009: tours in Canada, USA, Croatia, Italy, Greece

    2010: tours in Canada, USA, Croatia, Italy

    2011: tours in Canada, USA, UK

    2012: tours in Canada, USA, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Mexico, India, Tunisia

On average, Sun.Ergos completes some 300-500 events per year